What is an Annotated Bib?

  • MLA or APA citations of your sources
  • One paragraph (200-300 words) for each that identifies the source's authority (who is the author, why should we listen?), provides main points relevant to your topic, and evaluates the usefulness of the source. You might cite a key quote if you wish.
  • As this is a working document, I would not expect that you would have every source you plan to use for the final project; however, I'd expect that you have 8-10 sources, minimum, at this point.
  • I expect that as scholars of basic writing, you will use appropriate sources. This means peer-reviewed articles/books/etc. (not book reviews or abstracts), theory from recognized scholars/teachers in the field, and/or websites that represent work of experts. (If you have a doubt, ask me). You can also use interviews and/or other forms of research, but may have a hard time carrying this off in the time we have allowed.
  • You are welcome to use sources from our class; however, these do not "count" toward your minimum total. Part of this project is being a scholar and doing your own research.
  • Groups are responsible for the same number of sources as individuals and should hand in one document with everyone's name on it. If you are not happy with your group members' contributions, either work it out or separate your group NOW.