Reading Discussion

How are these pedagogies similar and different?


  • Focus on the students, specifically their social context.
  • Not grammar centered. Grammar was discuss,but was not the focus.
  • Students asked to bring their own literacy/culture into the classroom. Student empowerment.
    • Cross-culture and socioliterate seemed more practical than critical writing.

Are the supporting arguments coming from similar ideological backgrounds?

  • They are all working towards empowering the students and focusing on inclusion in the classroom. The ultimate goal is student success, and student focus on critical understanding.

What about writing is agreed upon, and what do the authors differ about?

What strategies can you pull from these readings to use in your own syllabus/major assignments?

  • Cross-curriculum
  • Letter to editor
  • Multiple genre
  • Genre analysis
  • Real/multiple audiences
  • The assignments have PURPOSE
  • Students and university interaction