Primary goal: to establish a sense of identity as a writer and as a teacher of writing

Secondary goal: focus on guiding questions, inquiry-based learning

CE: previous experience w/5 class periods for writing workshops

  • pedagogically oriented topics
  • first two assigned
  • last free choice
  • volunteers read out loud
  • peer workshops--what is good? what needs work?
  1. Tell me about the most effective teacher (preferably writing/language arts) you ever had?
  2. Explain your best teaching experience

"teach it as a writing class"

use writing journal for daily writing re: readings and/or prompts or prewrites for essays.

Do writing workship 1/2 time and group work w/planning as teachers

midterm portfolio

  1. finished piece of writing (Self as Writer)
  2. finished piece/plan of teaching groups (incorporation of peer feedback for "teach a lesson") (Self as Teacher)
    1. A single lesson incorporating TEKS/SELA
    2. Fit into context of what comes before and after
    3. Presenting to class
    4. Digital camera to video presentation & write self-analysis
    5. Taped all presentations & met individually with each teacher
    6. Class feedback on presentation
  3. reflective writing

final portfolio

  1. finished piece of writing
  2. 6-week unit plans & presentations
  3. reflective piece of writing

How to process readings?

  • group discussions and facilitations
  • individual responsibility for questions

Agenda for year

  • Develop a year-long assessment--collect data & see what it shows
    • Pre/post questionnaire
    • Focus groups and/or individual interviews
    • Collect presentations
  • Revise curriculum
    • Readings
    • Assignments/portfolios

3360 reading calendar