Writing and Reading are Related Sam, Dawn, & Chelsea

  • The more you read, the better you write (not necessarily!)
  • Must hear/read the language in order to write it and to understand to speak and structure
  • Models help. Reading the genre helps them write in that genre. (Our problem-- are they learning formulaic writing?)
  • use text they understand and enjoy (do we always do that? does it always work out that way?)
  • "In order to do an excellent job of teaching into the connections of writing and reading, teachers need to understand at least these things:
    • How writers read in a special way, with an eye toward not just what the text says but how it is put together.
    • The psychological and social processes reading and writing have in common.
    • The ways writers form and use constructs of their intended readers, anticipating their responses and needs.
    • An understanding of text structure that is fluid enough to accommodate frequent disruptions." (http://www.ncte.org/positions/statements/writingbeliefs)