In class discussion on September 3, 2003

(1)--Make specific connections (by number!) between specific TEKS and SELA

(2)--Imagine how you might teach these TEKS/SELA

Grade Level and/or Subject Area


TEKS--K16.B Record or dictate own topic (SELA 12)

Could read Carle book on cat. & make bugs & add their own adventure as a class.


TEKS--1.16 and 1.2.b & SELA #1

To teach about culture you could introd easy readers on other culutres, animals, customs, discuss in groups of what their prior knowledge is. Q&A re: family practices.

TEKS-1.7c w/SELA #3 letter-sound corresp. Letter of the day.


TEKS--2.14 writing purposes & SELA #12

Student write poem/story & present to class. How to express themselves, be creative.


4th-8th certification

High School