• We agree that reading and responding doe constitute a literacy event. o What is meant by the term literacy event? • Interaction between teacher and text/teacher and writing/teacher and student • Each must interpret texts, and in turn be interpreted

• Why do teachers read student writing in the first place? o To provide the student an actual audience o To guide their classroom/individual teaching practices

o Shaughnessy states that the answer to improve writing is writing

o “For the mess is the record of a remarkable kind of interplay between the writer as a creator and the writer as reader, which serves the writer in much the same way as the ear serves the infant” (4).

• Teachers are both the “victims and perpetuators of these apparently mistake approaches” (3) o Victims because they learned to write in the same manner they are teaching students know o Perpetuators because they teach what they know, which is often a mistaken approach • Teachers must know/have classroom interaction with students encountering them as individuals