By last Thursday, August 28, for your first weekly reflection, you should have read the online course materials. You should have sent an email confirming that you understand these policies and procedures. Ask any questions you have in this email. I responded by email. Let me know in class if you did not get my response.

By today, you should have....

(1) Read SELA online at parts: "The Standards," "Introduction" and "Excerpt from Chapter 3."

(2) Looked at the assignment for portfolio 1, and the questions for it. Wrote out answers to some of these questions as a way of discovering your thoughts and memories on literacy. You started this in class on August 27th.

Today, we will . . .

(1)--In small groups (no more than 3), read out loud your responses to the LLA questions.

(2) After your peer reads, provide constructive responses to her/his writing:

  • What about it surprises you?
  • What is meaningful to you as a future teacher?
  • What would you like to know more about?
  • How do you see connections between the experiences described and the SELA Standards?

(2)--Each author should take written notes on your peers' responses to your writing. Do not make excuses or explanations, just take down what is said. You can reflect on it later, and decide what is useful. This is one method of peer review that you might adopt in your future classroom. See how it feels to be the student in this activity.

(3)--Preview the TEKS online Texas Education Agency TEKS page.

  • Focus on the TEKS that match your teaching area, and focus especially on the ways the TEKS describe writing and reading.
  • How do the SELA and TEKS align?
  • How do the TEKS emphasize the various kinds of literacies we have been reading about?

Please see the schedule for the readings that are due by Monday. Don't forget to email your weekly reflection by Thursday midnight!

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