The Proposal for your Semester Plan is due in your unit one portfolio. This document represents your initial plans for work you will do in this course.

If you are working in a group on your semester plan, you may write this proposal as a group and put everyone’s name on it. In addition, include a section in your proposal that explains what individual group members will do as part of the team and explains the contributions that each group member made to this proposal.

I would expect that this plan would be approximately 2-4 pages in length, and exploratory in tone.

This proposal must:

  • Specify a grade level and subject area for your semester plan
  • Propose at least three tentative essential questions for your semester plan. See the Intel Teach to the Future book for help on essential questions (Modules 1.38-1.43)
  • Explore how different forms of literacy might appear in your semester plan: visual interpretation/presenting; listening and speaking; and writing/reading
  • Explore how you might connect technology to language arts development in your semester plan
  • Explore how language attitudes/biases/policies will affect your plans for teaching
  • Explore how many different ways you might include your discoveries from the literacy autobiography and your reflections on the readings and class discussions in your semester plan

As a class, we will develop evaluation criteria for this piece of writing.

Assignments and Evaluation | Portfolio 1