Please check this daily. I will change the schedule regularly, especially during the first week or two. So don't print this and think you have the schedule!

'Each date is a link to the plan for that class period. Homework is due on the date listed.

Week One-- Course Introduction, Language Arts Standards, Resources, & Multiple Literacies

  • Wednesday, Aug 27
    • First Day Handout
    • Introductions
    • Computer Orientation
    • Course web site
    • Writing Workshop: Free write initial ideas about literacy teaching and learning, about our literacy histories, and about our languages.
    • For weekly reflection: read the course materials online. Send questions, comments, fears, and responses to this week's discussions & activities.

Week Two—National and State Standards of Literacy Instruction

  • Sep1--Labor Day Holiday
  • Sep3—National and State Standards
    • Read SELA

Week Three-- Language Arts & Multiple Literacies and Literacies and Language(s) Attitudes, Biases, and Competencies

  • Sep8--
  • Sep10—Language Varieties & Teaching Writing

Week Four—Language and Literacy

  • Sep15—Language Issues
  • Sep17—Literacy draft due; Being a Writing Teacher

Week Five—Writing as Process; Essential Questions

  • Sep22—The writing process paradigm
  • Sep24-- Early Childhood Literacies; Begin Intel; Discuss Essential Questions

Week Six—Early Literacy

  • Sep29—Early Literacy; Rubric for P1
  • Oct 1—Portfolio 1 peer review; Early Literacy

Week Seven: Portfolio One due; Teaching Writing

  • Oct6Portfolio One Due; Planning a Writing Class
  • Oct8?—Writing Workshops and Writing to Learn; Intel "Getting Started"

Week Eight

  • Oct13—Writing Process; Explanation of Teaching invention
  • Oct15—Drafting/Revising/Peer Groups; Explanation of Teaching

Week Nine-- Assessment, Evaluation, and Grading

  • Oct20?—Assessment; draft of Explanation of Teaching
  • Oct22?—Diverse learners; Goals & Objectives

Week Ten—Assessment & High Stakes Testing

  • Oct27?— Unit Plan writing; Assessment
  • Oct29?—High Stakes Testing; Unit Plan peer review

Week Eleven—P2 due; Conferring and Multimedia (Intel)

  • Nov3?—Conferring and Peer review of Portfolio #2
  • Nov5?Portfolio #2 due; begin multimedia project

Week Twelve—Teaching Genres: Poetry and Fiction

  • Nov 10—Genre, TEKS, & Poetry
  • Nov12—Genre, TEKS, & Fiction

Week Thirteen—Teaching Genres: Nonfiction

  • Nov17—Nonfiction Prose (traditional)
  • Nov19—Nonfiction Prose (nontraditional)

Week Fourteen—Writing workshop for Portfolio 3

  • Nov 24—Writing workshop for P3
  • Nov26—Working Day: No class.
  • 27—Thanksgiving-- Have a nice holiday!
  • 28--Thanksgiving

Week Fifteen—Writing workshop for Portfolio 3

  • Dec 1—Bring all your materials & work in groups; share with peers.
  • 3—Bring all materials and work in groups; share with peers.

Week Sixteen

  • Dec 8—Last Class Day—Portfolio #3 due.

There is no final exam for ENGL 3360.