For the work we do each week, you will be required to participate in the 5361 Discussion area. You will need to submit a response before you read, after you read and before class, and after class discussion.

Before you read: Here are questions that can help you think about what you will be reading:

  • Do I know anything about this topic?
  • Do I know anything about this author?
  • What preconceived notions do I have about the reading?

After you read: Here are some questions to help you respond after reading and before class meets:

  • How do the readings address some of these issues?
    • Who is a basic writer?
    • Politics of basic writing
    • Error
    • "Good Writing" or "Good Language"
    • How we learn to write (how we learn)
    • What we should do in basic writing classes
    • Goals of a basic writing course or program
    • Role of teachers
  • What theories is the author building the discussion on?
  • How does this text/discussion connect to other readings we have engaged with?
  • Where does your understanding of the text begin to break down/become confusing?

After discussing: This can be done either in class, online, or with a group. What would you say about the readings now? Feel free to revisit questions from the Before and After Reading lists to formulate your responses.

We will certainly add to these lists as we continue to get more into the discussions.

(It's hard to say how long each of these should be, but I am guessing before you read and after discussing responses would be about 1/2 - 1 page single spaced, and after you read responses would be 1-2 pages single spaced.)

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