• Please be aware that this description may change somewhat

Please note: Students can continue to work in groups, or may change their configuration of teams, etc. This final portfolio is meant to demonstrate the culmination of your work this semester, and should provide you with many tools and strategies to use when you become a teacher.

Necessary contents of third portfolio:

  • A reflective overview of the work in the portfolio (INDIVIDUAL)
  • An overview of the semester plan (week by week) (possibly revised from Portfolio 2),
  • A set of goals and objectives for the semester (possibly revised from Portfolio 2),
  • An explanation of your teaching to a sceptical audience (INDIVIDUAL)
  • Detailed minute-by-minute plans for 10 hours of instruction,
  • Unit Plan Summaries (see Intel Module 1.08-1.09) or some overview that include a MINIMUM of 5 sequenced activities in each and all the information asked for in the Intel templates. For middle or high school, do all 18 weeks in your subject area. For elementary, do:
    • All four (language arts, math, science, and social studies) subject areas for a 6 week grading period, OR
    • One subject (language arts OR math OR science OR social studies) for 18 weeks.
  • An Intel project of your choice (INDIVIDUAL)
  • A works cited page for all sources used for ideas and/or actual language for lesson plans, pedagogical choices, etc.

Please remember that BOTH the minute-by-minute plans and EACH unit plan summary must demonstrate:

  • Meaningful sequencing of activities (scaffolded learning),
  • Teaching of writing as process (discovery, drafting, revision, collaboration, peer review, student/teacher conferencing, editing, publishing, etc.),
  • Accommodations for GT, special needs, & ESL populations
  • Formative (in process) and summative (final) assessment. Provide examples of different assessment strategies.
  • WAC/writing to learn/writing in a subject area appropriate to grade level,
  • Incorporation of technology in unit plans/lessons/activities.

Requirements for Minute By Minute Plans

Rubric for P3