Portfolio One is due Monday, Oct. 6th, at the beginning of class.

Unit 1: What do we know about literacy, language, and learning?

  • Portfolio One Guidelines
  • Portfolio 1 will include materials that represent the work you do for Unit 1, in addition to an extensive reflective overview. We'll discuss portfolio contents as a class. But the list below will give you a beginning overview of what will be available for you to include in the portfolio:
  • For Unit 1, you will
    • Use a multi draft revision process to produce a Literacy and Learning Autobiography and a reflection on how your own experiences compare to current understandings of literacy and learning.
    • Submit a proposal for your 18-week semester plan
    • Share and respond to work in progress, using online forums and in class peer review groups
    • Respond to readings and classmates' responses in our online discussion forums
    • Complete various pieces of writing-to-learn

What will we include in Portfolio One?

  • An extensive reflective overview
  • Your final literacy and learning autobiography
  • Your semester plan proposal
    • if you work on your proposal in a group, be sure that your overview explains how you contributed to the group effort; and you may want to include examples of that participation as evidence below.
  • Evidence of your full participation in class which could include:
    • evidence of drafting
    • evidence of sharing and responding to classmates' work
    • evidence of reading (reading responses)
    • other aspects of your learning you may want to discuss (work with technology? working in groups? etc.)
  • As we've discussed in class several times, you can submit this portfolio in many different ways, from all electronic to all paper, though the latter is my least preferred. If you have questions about this, please contact me via the listserve.

Portfolio 1 Rubric

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