I feel basic writing is a recursive issue that has been identified as key in our educational success, while not receiving or even coming to a consensus with how to approach this need from a disenfranchised situation. The idea of basic writing did not have a staunch support until Shaughnessy noticed the solidarity built amongst teacher’s experiences…where they have been “pedagogically radicalized” by them (163). Funds were being pulled from educational institutions because of the economic crisis, so classes pertinent to people of lesser agency that would benefit. However, institutions saw it as a capital gain, where “students coming in with lower placement scores often took longer to graduate” (164). Most of these are disadvantaged students, and it is this educational basis they lack that makes it difficult to participate, let alone rival, in academic achievement that transfers into career opportunity. Alder-Kassner and Harrington also discuss this discrepancy. They mention that student from a middle class echelon will “participate in perpetuation of the society and its values”, making it greater challenge for the majority of those who are less affluent (62). Money then should be aggressively funneled into programs that scaffold for students that are beginning at a disadvantage. Support that builds and strengthens novice skills should include their participation, but requires funding that will make learning fair and approachable.