Oct 25

  • working annotated bib due
    • Reading response, 10-25
    • Students' Right to Their Own Language, Conference on College Composition and Communication, p. 1-23.
    • Anzaldua "How to Tame a Wild Tongue" (TDW, 301-311)--If you haven't read it before!
    • Jordan "Nobody Mean More to Me Than You"(TDW, 340-355)
    • Jaffe, "Changing Perceptions, and Ultimately Practices, of BW Instructors through the Familia Approach" in Teaching Writing with Latino/a Students, p. 169-190 (reserve, Bell Library)

Working Annotated Bib

  • Share your progress with one person. How is the research going?

American Tongues

  • Video

Discussion of Readings & Video

  • These pieces address the question of dialect, language variation and identity.
  • Jordan speaks as a members of a discourse community, a speaker of a marginalized dialect (language), and as a classroom teacher.
  • Jaffe & Jordan speak directly about teaching strategies.
  • SRTOL provides the rationale and pedagogies for working with students who speak with a marginalized variation of English, among other things.
    • As a teacher of English, you teach Standard American English. How can these texts inform your teaching?
    • Why does CCCC advocate that all teachers be educated (as you are being) about these issues of language difference?
    • In what ways is the information we've discussed about American English true of all languages? Why?
    • Lastly, what is the responsibility of the English teacher? (to society, to her/his students, to the institution, to her/his colleagues?)

Teaching Philosophy

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Due Nov 1

  • Reading response, 11-1
    • Leki, "Reciprocal Themes in ESL Reading and Writing" (TDW, 93-114)
    • Haas & Flower, "Rhetorical Reading Strategies and the Construction of Meaning" (Writing about Writing, p. 120-136) (Bell Library reserve textbook for 1301 or come get a copy if you're not teaching FY Composition).