Due Today

  • Midterm Exam (take home) due
  • TDW, Shaughnessy, "Some New Approaches toward Teaching," (p. 2-14)
  • Huot, "Reading Like a Teacher" (Re)Articulating Writing Assessment (Chapter 5, p. 109-136) (Bell Library reserve)

midterm reflection & collect midterm

  • What did you learn by writing this exam?
  • How did having an exam affect how you read the course readings?
  • What challenges did you encounter while writing your exam?

Huot & Shaughnessy

  • Huot and Shaughnessy both talk about what it means to "read like a teacher."
  • Huot believes that we have to marry theory and practice more in order to shift the focus “from how we respond to why we respond, making us reflect upon and articulate our beliefs and assumptions about literacy and its teaching” (112)
  • Shaughnessy critiques English teachers as both the "victims and perpetuators of these apparently mistaken appraoches" (p. 3).
  • Huot questions, “Why do teachers read student writing in the first place?” (112-113), and Shaughnessy claims, "the answer to improve writing is writing" (p.3)
  • Huot argues, “It is important for us to understand that reading and responding to student writing constitutes a particular kind of literacy event.” (119)
  • Shaughnessy, "The writing teacher has but one simple advantage to offer: he can save the student time, and time is important to students who are trying to make up for what got lost in high school or grade school" (p. 5).

Responding to Student Writing

These students were in basic writing and regular 1301/1302 courses. These are unfinished drafts, but the sort of draft that you will have to find constructive ways to respond to. Instead of the standard teacher response, see if you can ask 2-3 authentic questions, as if the writer were expanding/drafting their paper.

Oct 25

  • working annotated bib due
  • Reading response, 10-25
    • Students' Right to Their Own Language, Conference on College Composition and Communication, p. 1-23.
    • Anzaldua "How to Tame a Wild Tongue" (TDW, 301-311)--If you haven't read it before!
    • Jordan "Nobody Mean More to Me Than You"(TDW, 340-355)
    • Jaffe, "Changing Perceptions, and Ultimately Practices, of BW Instructors through the Familia Approach" in Teaching Writing with Latino/a Students, p. 169-190 (reserve, Bell Library)