By today, you should have read Z&D, (pp. 117-146).

Today, I will be late for class (I should be able to get to class around 3 pm). Because of that, I want you to work independently towards your second assignment (writing for portfolio 2).

(1)--Go to the discussion forum and answer the posted questions, reply to your peers, and cut and paste those prewritings to a wiki page titled, "Explanation of Teaching First Draft"

(2)--The exercise above is a prewriting activity, as are the activities discussed in Z&D chapter 10. Together with a small groups of your peers (this may be your neighbors and/or grade level group and/or other students who write fast & are done the same time that you are) pick a "group process" (pp. 140-142), and use it to develop ideas for your explanation of teaching.

For example, you might take sides on "what is the role of a teacher in kindergarten", do a brief freewrite on it, and debate it within your group.

Be prepared to share what you did with the whole class.

(3)--If we have any extra time, go to Module 2 in your Intel Teach to the Future book and do the activity the helps you to find resources for a unit. Pick one unit that you (and/or your group) has already explored a bit. You may do this in groups or as an individual. Use your wiki page for your notes.