midterm distributed today, due next week

research process/discovery

  • Chat with your neighbors about your research so far, what successes you have had & what frustrations

readings discussion

  • In what ways does literacy instruction, even in the best of worlds, reinforce racism?
  • How can we "educate" faculty and teachers re: linguistic bias?
  • Agnew & McLaughlin state, "In no way are we suggesting that African-American students should not gain a reasonable mastery of the conventions of written standard English by the time they graduate college" (p. 98). How could this be accomplished while avoiding the "prerequisite" model of BW and timed test described in their chapter?

4C's position statement

  • "utopian"? See intro
  • Design a writing assessment for basic writing that meets most or all of the criteria argued for by CCCC.

Spazmatics 4C's

Oct 18

  • Midterm Exam (take home) due
    • TDW, Shaughnessy, "Some New Approaches toward Teaching," (p. 2-14)
    • Huot, "Reading Like a Teacher" (Re)Articulating Writing Assessment (Chapter 5, p. 109-136) (Bell Library reserve)