For today, you should have read: Calkins, (pp. 109-182) (Literacy grade 3-HS) If you own a grammar handbook, please bring it to class. Bring your complete portfolio (preferably in a binder) to class.

Today, we will...

(1)--Exchange portfolios with a peer. Focus on surface-level errors and proof-reading by reading one page of your peer's work backwards (one sentence at a time) to look for errors. Read the rest of the portfolio for surface-level issues. Ask permission before you write on any document!!

(2)--Identify one error (other than a spelling error) or question about usage in your work or your peers' work. Write it on the board. For example, you might write:

When I was three my mother who was a teacher herself took me to the teacher supply store, we bought dozens of pencils that day.

What is a comma splice? or Where should there be commas in this sentence?

(3)--When everyone has proofread their peer's portfolio OR 15-20 minutes has passed, we will address the issues on the board. Try to find an answer in your grammar handbook. We will discuss these as a class.

(4)--If we have any time left, we will discuss the Calkins chapters.