• will depend on previous contact, what professor prefers, arrangement ahead of times
  • not distracting students, depends on class set up, ask for comments after class
  • give teachers a window of possible dates and/or times, give questions ahead of time, ask for lesson plan, syllabus, etc.

Plan of Action

  • pad of paper, laptop is distracting, quick exit not easy
  • not dress too overdone, not too casual
  • jot notes
  • giving a small survey--if okay?--attitudes,
  • depends on their activities--listen in on groups, possibly help with group
  • Ask teacher what they want feedback on
  • Maybe ask if you could help
  • Ask if students are the same as when she taught them ("stupid")
  • See what a BW classroom is like
  • Interactions-the ways that teachers interact with students
  • Kind of writing prompt given, discussion topics, or if discussion is included
  • Any group collaboration, group work
  • Attitudes of students
  • How many projects in semester, how long is major project
  • Level of expectation & age, maturity, how diverse is class, how students spoken to