Conference Presentations

  1. Shelly Fox "Native American's in the Composition Class"
  2. Caleb Sawyer and Samantha Howard, "What Role Does Technology Play in a Basic Writing Classroom?"
  3. Clare Reeves and Chelsea Perez, "Basic Writing Programs and Writing Centers"
  4. Dawn Boeck, "Why Academic Discourse?"

Peer Review

  • ???

In-class reflection

  • Essentially, reflect on your learning & this course
    • What do you still wish you knew about BW?
    • What book(s)/reading(s) did you like best/least?
    • How could this course be improved for future students like yourself?

Dawn's response


I still wish I knew more about WHY basic writing programs continue to implement ineffective pedagogical approaches. Seeing the research presentations today made me realize that there are still a lot of gaps in this field of research.

My favorite books this semester were Mike Rose's Lives on the Boundary and Shannon Carter's Rhetorical Dexterity. My favorite article was Ira Shor's "Errors and Economics." These are the works were most definitive for me for defining the field, the basic writer, and the power structures that influence and define these two things. I do not have a least favorite.. well, maybe Haswell (but it WAS useful... just long...).

The course could be improved by more variations to the class plans. While I found the weekly response and group discussions to be useful and effective in learning the material, the class would be more lively if the class assignments were more varied. Perhaps group presentations, simulations, multimedia components, and/or presentations on outside research topics could be options. I think that the work that we did in this class was very diverse (the major projects); however, I do not feel like we got to share these assignments with other classmates.

Shelly's Response

What do you still wish you knew about BW?

A real definition would be nice but I guess that is pretty idealistic after doing all these readings

What book(s)/ reading(s) did you like best/ least?

I enjoyed the Mike Rose book thoroughly but not the Rich Haswell one. It was pretty dense but I see how it is helpful so you should probably keep it

How could this course be improved for future students like yourself?

I am not sure, I really enjoyed the course. I guess maybe if you could switch up the groups a little more frequently or something but overall, good job :)

Krystal's Reflection:

What do you still wish you knew about BW?

Basic writers are an enigma. Before this course, they were a conundrum that I fought one day at a time. I had not considered the politics that keep basic writing basic or the financial gold mine basic writers are. Publishers make millions of dollars in professional development and frameworks and textbooks showing people the key to teaching basic writers, and ETS and other test writers make hundreds of millions of dollars testing them. I'm not sure if there is more I would like to know about BW as much as there is stuff I wish I didn't know about BW. That's not true. Knowledge is power even if the knowledge causes depression. It's better to be a cog in the machine and know you are the cog than to be the mindless cog that can be manipulated. Let me move on...

What book(s)/reading(s) did you like best/least?

Personally, I LOVED Mike Rose's Lives on the Boundary. I liked his writing style and his message, and I enjoyed his anecdotes. Professionally, I like Shannon Carter's The Way Literacy Lives. Historically, O&M was enlightening. It was eye opening in shedding light on how to approach critical thinking in a standardized world.

How could this course be improved for future students like yourself?

I do not have any specific advice on how to improve this course. I liked the pace of it and the sequencing of the literature. >>>>>>>

ed's response

Essentially, I have learned many ways of teaching in this course. I like to sit and listen to lore and the different ways our brothers and sisters in this class teach students basic writing. There are so many subjective actions that I steal. I listen to everyone because I do not know shit.

What I still wish I knew about basic writing is that it is basic. It truly is not basic. There are so many primary, secondary, and ancillary aspects to basic writing that it boggles the mind immensely. I am glad that I took this course.

The books I really liked were by Mike Rose, Richard Haswell, and Shannon Carter. They seemed to jibe with my personality and my philosophy. There were many ideas in these books that opened up my mind to new perspectives.

There are no real suggestions to improve this course for future students. Everything about this class was badass. Maybe bring food...