W12: The Way Literacy Lives

Nov 15

  • Teaching Portfolio due today
  • Discussion of drafts of research projects
  • Reading response, 11-15
    • Brandt, Deborah, "Sponsors of Literacy" (Writing about Writing, p. 331-352) (Bell Library reserve textbook for 1301 or come get a copy if you're not teaching FY Composition).
    • The Way Literacy Lives (chapters 1-3, pp. 1-60)

  • Turn in your Teaching Portfolio

Drafty draft peer review
Please define at least two concerns or questions you have about your draft at this point. Write them down on a piece of paper or on the wiki.

  • Provide your reader with your questions & your draft, with minimal apologies & comments.
  • Allow time for reading!

In writing, the reader will address:

  • Author's concerns
  • Does the project present a part of the conversation about BW?
  • Can you see connections to class readings that are not being made?

Please write these either on the paper, in an email to the writer, or on a separate sheet of paper. Attempt to be clear & constructive.

When complete, you can discuss the written feedback you have given each other.

Then, find a new partner & repeat.

Reading Discussion Shannon Carter & Deborah Brandt

  • "Critical perspectives still very much guide the pedagogy of rhetorical dexterity in its commitment to social justice, but I am also leery of any project that imposes my personal, liberal political agenda onto my students" (p. 59). Do you think Shannon Carter manages that?
  • Define "critical consciousness" (p. 40), "power" (p.57), "autonomous literacy" , "false consciousness" (p. 39-40, 49) & identify scholars with each
  • On p. 43, Carter writes, "a conflict that ultimately led me to rethink this approach and the practical consequences of a critical pedagogy" --what is the conflict & where does she end up? (see also 58-59)

Krystal, Chimne, and Samantha

Group End of Days

Two guys, a girl, and one reading >>>>>>>

Eda and Shelly's Response

KerryAnn & Olivia

Nov 22

  • Next week's class is ONLINE!
  • Post your reading response and draft for peer review.
  • Peer Review of drafts.
  • Email/give SWM a draft up to the 29th & get feedback.
  • Reading response, 11-22
  • The Way Literacy Lives (chapters 4-conclusion, pp. 61-152)