Due today

  • Reading response, 11-1
    • Leki, "Reciprocal Themes in ESL Reading and Writing" (TDW, 93-114)
    • Haas & Flower, "Rhetorical Reading Strategies and the Construction of Meaning" (Writing about Writing, p. 120-136) (Bell Library reserve textbook for 1301 or come get a copy if you're not teaching FY Composition).

Reading Writing Connection

Leki (1993) & Haas & Flower (1988)

  • These are not new articles or ideas, but why is there still such a divorce between writing instruction & reading instruction at both secondary and college levels?
  • In what ways can we teach literacy to combine the processes of writing & reading?

Group Work: http://falcon.tamucc.edu/wiki/SMurphy/5361Fall2011WorkingGroups

  1. Writers in the Sky Create a WRITING assignment that requires students to think/write about their reading processes.
  2. The Bus Drivers: We are Taking You to School Create a READING assignment that requires students to think/write metacognitively about their reading processes.
  3. The Awesomest Create a "previewing" assignment (TDW, 132)
  4. The English folk Create an assignment that makes reading a social, meaning-making process (TDW 133-134)
  5. The Spazmatics Create an assignment/activity that asks students to read student writing and find meaning & interact verbally about it.

Teaching Philosophy
What is an appropriate Teaching Philosophy for a BW position?

  • With what "school of thought" in composition studies will you align yourself?
  • What are important concepts/keywords to use in your philosophy statement?
  • Choose a U of Minnesota question to answer, to begin your draft.
  • Share with your group

Language Variation Assignment
As a means of beginning to draft your teaching portfolio, and also as a means to process the readings, individually or in groups draft a writing assignment that allows students opportunities to write in home languages /dialects AND apply grammar lessons to their own writing. Remember, there are many ways to do these things, and students might have the opportunity (as Bean et al advocate for) publishing in this variety, or not.

Re-Reading Activities
Create an assignment/activity that asks students to re-read a text for a particular purpose: clarifying, connecting, summarizing, categorizing, connecting to ideas within the text, charting the text (AVID handout).

Due Nov. 8