How did the syllabi you observed define basic writers (BW, p. 85)?

  • You are a “basically” stupid because you are a basic writer.
  • Mentally disabled…childish pictures clip-art.

Syllabi Bad Things

  • Anything with the words daily journal entry or reading response makes me depressed.
  • Patronizing comments.
  • Too much structure (the color of pens, highlighters, etc)
  • Nothing too overwhelming.

Syllabi Happiness

  • When assignment requirements are clearly defined, or future definition is promised.
  • Anything that indicates we will read fiction (poetry, prose, song lyrics, anything….that is not theory)
  • Personality is in the writing. Not generic.
  • All the important dates are already decided.

Discuss how a BW syllabus should be constructed?

  • I don’t think it is necessary to emphasize the fact that the course is “basic”.
  • Make sure the assignment descriptions and grade breakdown are present within the syllabus.
  • Make them responsible for their own material.

Welcome to ENGL 0305! Our class is designed to help you develop and refine your existing writing skills. This class is based around three major writing assignments that will be broken up throughout the semester. You will also complete lesser assignments that will help in the evolution of the concepts that you will learn in this class and apply later in your college career. The course goals are:

  • Develop skills in writing and revising well-developed paragraphs and essays that are organized around a clear main idea, are logical, and are edited to the level expected of composition students.
  • Apply course material to the composing process, demonstrating critical thought and sound expression of ideas in expository prose.
  • Apply principles of the writing process to improve your own thinking, problem solving, self-expression, and decision making.
  • Use basic library and electronic resources effectively.