Due Feb 25

  • BW, (pp. 61-103)

Due Mar 4

  • reading response 7
  • TDW “Assessment” “CCCC Position Statement” (390-400)
  • TDW Harley & Cannon (400-417)
  • '''Agnew & McLaughlin "These Crazy Gates and How They Swing," (p. 85-100) (Bell Library, electronic reserve)

Reminder... Your WorkingAnnotatedBib is due next week!

Congratulations Haas 2009 Award Winners!!

Graduate Rhet/Comp, Prof Writing, Linguistics

  • 1st Philip Tanofsky Strategies to Broaden Scope of Caller.com Susan Garza
  • 2nd Garrett Wieland Comp and Roll: Nontraditional Methods for Teaching Freshman English Susan Garza

Graduate Literature

  • 1st Darcy Lewis “Little Women” Removed: The (Re)Invention of Jo March and the Female Gaze Elisabeth Mermann-Jozwiak
  • 2nd Steve Sellers The Evolution of the Madwoman: The Empire of Imagination in Haggard’s She Elisabeth Mermann-Jozwiak
  • 3rd Tammy Graham The Value of Silence: Deconstructing the Cuckoo’s Nest Elisabeth Mermann-Jozwiak

Teaching Portfolio

  • In order to process Basic Writing as a Political Act, we need to start thinking about the teaching portfolio you are creating for this course (due April 8).
  • How did the syllabi you observed define basic writers (BW, p. 85)?
  • What syllabi have you experienced that worked well or badly?
  • Discuss how a BW syllabus should be constructed.
  • As a group, write an introduction and course objectives for a BW syllabus. Post these to your group wiki. Present & explain. You can use these as a starting point for your portfolio.

Assessment/Mainstreaming BW

  • Free-for-all-pick a topic/question to discuss & write it on the board (big! clear!)
  • As a group, chose a question to discuss
  • Present to the class


If we have time, we will do this last activity...

Public Conversations about writing, basic writers, and teaching writing
We will engage in a little rhetorical analysis of our own:

  • Find a news article or editoral about writing published within the last year
    • What kind of rhetoric?
    • What "literacy myths"?
    • What purpose?

W9: Language Diversity & Grammar

Mar 11

  • working annotated bib due today
  • reading response 8
  • Bean et al, Second-Language Writing in the Composition Classroom (pp. 225-239) (TBA reserve)
  • TDW Jordan (340-355)
  • TDW Thurston (356-368)
  • TDW Neuleib & Brosnahan (145-152)
  • Anderson, chapt. 3 (Bell library, electronic reserve)