W10: ESL/EFL, 1.5 generation immigrant

Homework due Mar 25

  • reading response 9
  • Canagarajah, Second-Language Writing, (p. 210-224) (paper reserve)
  • Matsuda & Silva, Second-Language Writing, (p. 246-259) (paper reserve)
  • Johns, Second-Language Writing, (p. 284-296) (paper reserve)

The scholarship deadline is Tuesday, April 1st and must be sent to the Graduate Studies Office. Attach:2009Form.doc

Course feedback
What is good

  • course readings & discussions


  • More discussion of my experience
  • More full-class discussions
  • How BW curricula are implemented & assessed
  • Practical discussions
  • More mixed-up groups
  • Video/stuff


  • More/less mapping the field
  • Amount/reading responses

Teaching Portfolio Syllabus

  • We will use for reference the CLA adjunct faculty handbook and McGlynn’s Appendix (SB 133-144) for reference on required parts of a course syllabus. You might also use the model of a teacher you observed, or use guidelines published by an institution you'd like to work at.
  • Working in word or on wiki, develop a draft syllabus. You have learning outcomes started.
  • Share w/peers, get feedback.

Reading Discussion

  • 3 different composition pedagogies are argued for in this week's readings, all for multilingual writers (however, of differing populations).
    • How are these pedagogies similar and different?
    • Are the supporting arguments coming from similar ideological backgrounds?
    • What about writing is agreed upon, and what do the authors differ about?
    • What strategies can you pull from these readings to use in your own syllabus/major assignments?

The Group

Mapping the Field

  • Work in your groups

Due Apr 1

  • reading response 10
  • TDW, Shaughnessy, "Some New Approaches toward Teaching," (p. 2-14)
  • Haswell, "Remediality: Bottom and Top," (p. 267-284) (electronic reserve)
  • April 2 Author's Day Reading: Cyrus Cassells 7pm, BH104