W9: Language Diversity & Grammar

Mar 11

  • working annotated bib due today
  • reading response 8
  • Bean et al, Second-Language Writing in the Composition Classroom (pp. 225-239) (paper reserve)
  • TDW Jordan (340-355) (AAVE)
  • TDW Thurston (356-368) (Navajo)
  • TDW Neuleib & Brosnahan (145-152) (grammar)
  • Anderson, chapt. 3 (Bell library, electronic reserve) (grammar)

Individual freewrite (anonymous feedback)--please write on piece of paper w/o your name & put in a pile at the back of the room.

  • How valuable/useful have the course readings been?
  • How valuable/useful have the course discussions/in-class activities been?
  • What would you like to see more of?
  • What would you like to stop?
  • Any additional feedback?

Let's revisit this discussion: WhoIsABasicWriter1. I have culled some great quotes from y'all commenting on and tackling this question. Read what you and your peers have said, both early in the semester & 2 weeks ago in your reading responses. In your groups, discuss contradictions/agreements/refinements of this definition. On the WhoIsABasicWriter1 page, post a definition of a basic writer that the group can agree on. We'll see how close we are to feeling "decided" about this question.

Today, we are continuing our discussion of teaching writing to students whose home languages/dialect is not SAE (Standard American English), so let's not forget Students' Right to Their Own Language, Conference on College Composition and Communication, p. 1-23, or the DVD, American Tongues. We are also moving into our discussion of teaching grammar. I hope these readings, and especially the Bean et al, emphasize how these are not mutually exclusive and can work together in theoretically sound and practical ways.

As a means of beginning to draft your teaching portfolio, and also as a means to process the readings, individually or in groups draft a writing assignment that allows students opportunities to write in home languages /dialects AND apply grammar lessons to their own writing. Remember, there are many ways to do these things, and students might have the opportunity (as Bean et al advocate for) publishing in this variety, or not.

We will share these items

Amanda, John, & Darcy <<<<<<<

Edith and Jennifer

James, Jennifer, and Christine >>>>>>>

We need to revisit: MappingTheField

  • what to add?
  • do you see groupings/patterns/connections?

Spring Break (March 16-20)

W10: ESL/EFL, 1.5 generation immigrant

Mar 25

  • reading response 9
  • Canagarajah, Second-Language Writing, (p. 210-224) (paper reserve)
  • Matsuda & Silva, Second-Language Writing, (p. 246-259) (paper reserve)
  • Johns, Second-Language Writing, (p. 284-296) (paper reserve)