Literacy Autobiography

In this assignment you will explore the different literacies you have encountered in and out of school. You will be given the opportunity to integrate a language and/or dialect you are comfortable speaking.

Throughout this portfolio you will:

  • Explore your culture and your history with that culture
  • Explore various discourse communities
  • Learn how to use different types of codeswitching
  • Teach others about your home language and dialect
  • Read literature written by different multilingual writers in order to view different styles of codeswitching

Rules you will Write

  • You will write and explore rules of codeswitching
  • Define and compare the rules of your home language/dialect versus SAE


  • Writing Groups
  • conferencing with instructor

Reflective Overview

Why did you choose your home language/dialect at certain points in the writing process?

Assessment and Feedback

  • For assessment and feedback purposes, the home language and dialect should be used until you have an audience.