Key Terms / Concepts

  • Accommodation
  • Alienation
  • Assessment
  • Basic Writer
  • Basic Writing
  • Basic Writing Program Structures
  • Contact Zones
  • Diagnosis
  • Expectations
  • Flexibility
  • Pedagogy
  • Placement
  • Remedial / Remediation
  • Standards
  • Student centered
  • Stigmatization
  • Tracking

What is important?

Every key term / concept is important. As teachers and future teachers, the above list encompasses the buzzwords and concepts that create our interactive worlds. In one way or another, each of the authors discuss student-centered pedagogy. The above list incorporates aspects each of us needs to remember when creating lessons and interacting with students.


According to Mike Rose in Lives on the Boundary, “Every day in our schools and colleges, young people confront reading and writing tasks that seem hard or unusual, that confuse them, that they fail. But if you can get close enough to their failure, you’ll find knowledge that the assignment didn’t tap, ineffective rules and strategies that have a logic of their own; you’ll find clues, as well, to the complex ties between literacy and culture, to the tremendous difficulties our children face as they attempt to find their places in the American educational system” (8).

Using Rose and the other authors from the first half of the semester, support your opinion about this idea of unsuccessful curricula.