Kerryann & Olivia

She is managing it the best way she can. With the limited resources to help the students as well as the various perspective—it is a difficult balance to achieve.

Though Debrah Brandt wanted to expand her student’s ideas of literacy, she was hesitant in he strategy. This is because there were so many examples of literacy being used as a crutch instead of using it as inspiration. They used literacy as a crutch in the way that second language learner depend on relative or other s word-for-word translations rather than grasping entire thoughts and ideas.

Critical consciousness- instead of trying to prove yourself to get into the circle, I”’m going take the initiative to join the literacy community.” (Patricia Bizzell/Paulo Freire) Power- 3 types of power in an academic setting: coercion, persuasion, authoritative (Patricia Bizzell/ Tom Fox) Autonomous literacy- assumes the symbols chosen should represent the world; this is what my view of the world is because you are going to believe it (Elspeth Stuckey) False consciousness- readers read into script to find the meaning the want to hear rather than the truth of the world. (Debrah Brant/Karl Marx)