Teaching Philosophy

My school of though on composition would be more aligned with those that focus on teaching the process of thinking and shaping ideas versus focusing on the outward appearance of what is being written.

Haswell talks a lot about these ideas in his book. I definitely want to look at that more before I begin actually write this philosophy. I think that grammar and mechanics have their place but isnít it more about making the writing process mean something and have a purpose for whatever reason?: whether that reason is for pleasure or business or earnest communication, they should all be more important in the mind of the writer that wants to really know his craft versus the writer who knows simply how to get a good grade on something by writing in a certain format.

Important concepts to put into my teaching philosophy are:

  • Critical
  • Whole
  • Cognitive
  • Error
  • Grammar
  • Peer
  • Process
  • Purpose
  • Effective
  • Analytical
  • Genuine
  • Authority
  • Self-Motivated
  • Confident
  • Constructive

5. The first principal that I taught under when I moved to Texas told me something that has always stuck with me and that I have come back to time and again when I am feeling overwhelmed or as though I want very student in the world to get away from me. He said that the first time a kid comes to you to talk and you turn him away, that is the last time he will ever come to you. I truly believe this is the case in all things student and teacher oriented and I do not just mean in a university or school district setting. For someone to reach out and offer to a stranger that he needs help and is vulnerability is nerve-wracking and potentially devastated if that action is not met with reassurance or a positive reaction. I do not want to be the educator that leaves a lasting impression in my gruffness or irritability as a consequence of some incident that probably had nothing to do with that student.

Thus, the first and probably most important thing that I can be is ever-conscious and diligent in my role as an educator and mentor because this job will always be both.