Homework due today

  • Shaughnessy
  • Singer (copy)

In class today, we will...

  • Who are our students?
    • What issues were raised by Maher and Green that are valid concerns of BW teachers?
    • What questions/comments/concerns did you raise in your reading responses?
  • Constructivist Classroom
    • In what ways was your learning shaped by one of these philosophies of learning?
    • In what way(s) is public discourse about learning and writing shaped by these philosophies?
    • How has your college career been shaped?
    • What are the strengths and weaknesses of each philosophy, or the curriculum generated by a teacher believing in it?
  • Reading response revisited*
  • Exit slips?

Read for Tuesday:

  • TDW Kinloch (39-55)
  • TDW Anzaldua (329-339)

Read for Thursday:

  • TDW Bernstein (417-428)
  • JBW 23.1 Crisco (39-63) (copy)

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