Due today

Interview/Observation Report

5361 Working Groups Orientation

  • I have defined 6 working groups for the class
  • I have deliberately mixed up folks with experience teaching composition in college, high school teachers, those w/seminar teaching, and those w/o any teaching experience. I have also mixed philosophical perspectives & gender, so as to get a set of heterogeneous groups.
    • In your groups, define the NAME of your group & replace "Group A" with your name.
    • Meet each other, and decide who is introducing whom to the class
    • Exchange contact info

Discussion of Rose

  • In your groups, your are responsible for the topic assigned below. Find specific textual examples to cite. Decide what Rose thinks, what you think, and be willing to present differences of opinion. Expect to present for

Map the Field

  • In your groups, begin a visual representation of the field of composition/bw as you currently understand it.
  • Post to mapping the field wiki
  • Present if there is time