• Readings due:
    • JBW Del Principe “Paradigm Clashes...” (64-81)
    • TDW Gibson “From the Peculiar Case...” (100-112)
  • Think about research topics & write 1 short paragraph
  • Browse online resources and/or BB
    • Identify possible topic(s) about which you are interested

In class today, we will....

  • Debate format & purpose of basic writing programs/courses.
  • Divide into groups, form arguments, perform debate. Possible questions/topics:
    • Which model(s) are the best and why?
    • What are the goals of a BW program and course?
    • How does a BW course serve the needs of a 2-yr, 4-yr, community, the student?
    • What is the role of the BW teacher?
    • What training should the BW teacher have?
    • What assignments should be given?
    • What placement/exit measures should be used?
  • Group A: Linear/current-traditionalists
  • Group B: "Constructivists"
  • discuss paragraphs re: research topics.



  • Strickland & Strickland, "Education Begins with Philosphy" (copy)
  • TDW Maher (56-72) “You Probably Don’t Know...”
  • TDW Green (73-82) “My Uncle’s Guns”


  • BW chapter 3-4 (33-60)
  • MBW, Singer, (copy)

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