In class today, we will....

Administrative Stuff

  • Any questions/issues?
  • Discuss the structure of the reading assignment
    • To share with peers or not?
  • Inform students re: conversation with the English Department Chair Thorpe at DMC
  • Inform students re: book order

Class Discussions/Activities

  • Discuss NCTE "Beliefs"
    • How does this connect to BW?
    • How does this document inform our programs?
  • Connect Lalicker & Uehling to local programs at TAMU-CC and DMC
    • Resources page
    • See handout on TAMU-CC program
    • Discuss pros/cons
    • Which model(s) are we talking about?


  • Additional readings
  • Think about research topics & write 1 short paragraph
  • Browse online resources and/or BB
    • Identify possible topic(s) about which you are interested

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