Homework due today

Jill Biden is teaching Developmental English and ESL at Northern Virginia Community College. Here is a link to the story from the Washington Post.

Mike Rose's Blog:

Discussion of Rose

  • Get into your working groups to discuss any of the questions/topics below. Please be prepared to present your discussion to the larger group in the form of debate, thought provoking questions, and/or engaging contrast of views... whatever works for you
    • Politics of basic writing/developmental education--How is the situation today similar to/different from the "literacy crisis" of the 1970's?
    • How do the characteristics Rose lists as "defining" dev. educ. students seem accurate, in your view? What would you add, if anything?
    • What is your response to Rose's solutions (p. 193-194)?
    • Rose writes, "Through all my experiences with people struggling to learn, the one thing that strikes me most is the ease with which we misperceive failed performance and the degree to which this misperception both reflects and reinforces the social order" (p. 205). What does he mean by this statement? In your experience, is it accurate, or uncomfortable, or completely inaccurate, and why?
    • Rose argues that education is presented rhetorically as moral reform, similar to missionary work. How would postcolonial critiques respond/react to that allusion?
    • Obama has promoted a "great books" agenda for education. How would you respond to that, given Rose's critique? Is it possible/desirable to BOTH built on student language & experience AND teach the canon?
    • What you discussed in your reading response.

A Perspective on Learning

  • John Tagg, Learning Paradigm College

Explore research topics/sources

Mapping the Field

  • What can we add?

Homework due Feb. 4

  • Interview/Observation report due today or Feb. 11
  • reading response 3?
  • TDW Uehling “Creating a Statement...” (27-38)
  • TDW Lalicker “A Basic Introduction...” (15-26)
  • TDW Gibson “From the Peculiar Case...” (100-112)