First Essay:

Assignment: Personal Reasons for Entering the University and Selecting Your Area of Study (or Not Selecting Your Area of Study If You are Currently Undecided.)

The final draft should be a personal reflection, 1-2 pages, and MLA format.


This will be comprised five parts a pre-write, draft, rewrite process, peer-review, and re-write/final draft.

1. The pre-write will take place in class and you will have 45 minutes to focus-free write in any style, dialect, or language of your choice, without concern for mechanics or syntax. Feel Free to play with language, punctuation and voice.

2. Take your pre-write and begin to work it into a draft. This should begin to incorporate more of the grammar and syntax usage we have discussed in class, but donít worry about revision or proof reading yet.

3. During the re-writing process take your draft and apply each of the check lists from class, based on the Anderson reading we looked at in class and the lists we have created. Begin with list one and take 10 minutes to revise the paper based on the first grammar list. Repeat the process with each of the consecutive lists. Feel free to ask questions if something doesnít look or sound quite right.

4. Writers will be placed in groups and allowed 30 minutes to look over one of the memberís essay. There will be a sheet provided for constructive criticism both positive and negative. At least 5 points of feedback need to be listed in each section. Students will be graded on the completion and constructive nature of their comments.

5. The re-write of your final draft will include going over the lists and the comments of other students as well as a personal review of the composition. Remember to double check your voice, cohesion, and other key components we have covered in class.


1. Model pre-write Ė use overhead or In Focus machine to address questions in assignment

2. Etc.