o How can these texts inform/improve your teaching?

They can allow an instructor to be more sensitive to students and some of the hurdles they face

Remind us to be less hypersensitive of errors

Improves awareness and makes us more contentious

Make us aware of own prejudices

Especially as a teacher of English?

As pertains to pertains to written work, the above applies

o Why does CCCC advocate that all teachers be educated (as you are being) about these issues of language difference?

Awareness promotes if not acceptance, a more open minded approach

o In what ways is the information we've discussed about American English true of all languages? Why? All have central dialects, most hierarchy within the dialects, many carry stereotypes

o Lastly, what is the responsibility of the English teacher? (to society, to her/his students, to the institution, to her/his colleagues?) (composition)

Promote cooperation and acceptance within the classroom

Clarification of responsibility

Understanding of students difficulties in creating new identity


Anticipate needs

Speak clearly and slowly

See intelligence in the mistakes