The design of hyper text documents encourages students to create pieces that move beyond the essay format and that incorporate text, graphics, links, and sound. Furthermore, students' engagement with the production of their own document moves them from being passive receivers of Web information to becoming critical creators of such documents, evaluating the value of Web pages by carefully looking at the content,the appeal to the reader, and the use of non textual materials.

This CompFAQs? page is an example of a hypertext writing assignment. Katherine Kellen explains it as “text linked electronically on the Internet” (123). Her article “Expanding Our Reach: Writing HTML Commands to create Student Hypertext Writing Projects” calls to attention the fears connected with this sort of assignment as being “small bits of reading, partially digested, that did not ask for reader stamina,” but the truth is the hypertext assignment requires a high level of organizational skills to create an environment that is easily navigated and still logically ordered (Kellen 123). The benefits of this assignment also extends across different media. Not only can text be linked and spotlighted, but videos, images, sound recordings, etc. can all be used to make the assignment more functional and interesting.

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