Haswell's "transformative tale of development" is defined on p. 131. It requires "alienation" or feelings of discomfort (see p. 132). It requires self-reflection, metacognition (p. 133), and appropriation (p.134). Can you think of a time when you experienced "transformative development" in your life, using these ideas?

Transformative tale of development means "it relates how an initial state of internal instability is shocked into a kind of self reflection that learns a new knowledge or skill by unlearning and revising old knowledge and skills" (131).

Alienation is similar to when you come face to face with something outside of yourself. Social alienation is "describes the feeling of being estranged from one's own group" (132) Transformative learners confront a new experience or idea with some feeling, even of the mildest, that they are being threatened with the loss of self"

Self-reflection is to escape from ideology while reflection is to adjust the prejudgments of tradition (133) in laymens terms this means that reflection is seeing things for what it is and self reflection is how you are going to fit into the new situation/ learning experience.

Self-reflection is stepping outside of ideology, stepping out of the realm you know. Reflection is locating yourself in this new realm of knowledge

We escape ideology by reflecting on tradition, if we reflect on tradition we can change it.

Where/How do I fit in now?

Learning involves a change in what one knows or can do as well as a change in what one knew and could do (133).

Metacognition is your overall understanding of information

Appropriation is simply making the knowledge your won, to make what was alien one's own (134).

Just coming to college we had to go through all of this stuff!

Adjusting to college life we are forced into these roles, adjusting to teaching and college we have to raise our awareness level regarding these expectations and adjustments.

What makes it transformative is when it is something out of your knowledge completely and adapting/reconciling this new information.

I.E- a mindfuck