The mastering of new skills, the transforming old habits, and gaining the ability to critically engage in new ideas, no matter the field, are all key components in the learning process. When teachers apply themselves to their field, they will often find that they undergo some of the same changes that they attempt to enact in their students.

This leads me to the idea that all teachers remain students throughout their professional career. Between continuing their own education within a field, or learning new pedagogical techniques, teachers should attempt to better themselves at every opportunity. This also includes learning from their students and the new experiences that their students provide. The process of education is truly interactive, and only the ineffective teacher maintains the same stance after interacting with a new body of students. As the field of education changes, so must we all.

Teachers should constantly learn new methods of understanding and interacting with students in a way that will promote a sense of community and understanding in the classroom and across the university. It is crucial that we know the student body that we seek to educate so that we may adequately adapt our performance to evoke the best learning experience possible.