Misty, Melissa, Anne

What is a basic writer?

  • A basic writer is someone who does not meet the traditional Standard American English expectations, stuggles with academic writing, and/or cannot clearly express their ideas in written form.

What is basic writing?

  • Basic writing is the writing that is produced by basic writers and is not traditionally accepted in the academic community.

Which model(s) are the best and why?

  • The transactional model is best suited to basic writing instruction because it allows for collaboration and freedom within the classroom as opposed to adhering to a banking model.

What are the goals of a BW program and course?

  • To help students understand the different kinds of writing that exist in the academic community
  • To help students understand that they have something to contribute to the discourse/conversation
  • To help students learn how to become a more proficient writer so that they have the ability to succeed in the academy

How does a BW course serve the needs of a 2-yr, 4-yr, community, the student?

  • BW courses at a 2 year college help adult learners transition into the academic discourse and
  • BW courses at a 4 year college prepare students for the kinds of writing that they will be expected to know and produce outside of the college community. It will help the student prepare for the writing they will have to do in the rest of their courses.

What is the role of the BW teacher?

  • The role of the BW instructor is to assist students in improving their writing through whichever model the teacher endorses.

What training should the BW teacher have?

  • At least an MA in English. More specifically, a BW teacher should have taken several classes in composition and pedagogy.

What assignments should be given?

  • Writing assignments should combine traditional/academic writing with personal writing
  • Reading assignments should model the writing assignments the students are given

What placement/exit measures should be used?

  • Portfolio assessment

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