homework due today

  • For today: complete your research proposal, post your reading response week 4b, and read:
  • TDW Neuleib & Brosnahan (145-152)
  • TDW Weaver (153-162)
    • Research Proposals can be printed out and delivered on paper, or emailed before class. Anyone needing an extension should email me before class.

In class, today, we will...

  • Review calendar
  • Discuss the readings (handout)
  • Review/take the TAKS sample--good pedagogy? Bad pedagogy? How does this impact our FY students?

Homework Due Feb 13

  • reading response week 5a
  • BB Adler-Kassner and Glau (8-21)
  • BW “What We Talk About When We Talk About Writing” (2-14)

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