BW and Media, Public, and Politics

Homework due Feb 20

  • reading response week 6a
  • BW “Looking Outward” (61-82)
  • BWM “What the Public Has to Say About Writing” (17-18) (reserve/copy)

In class today, we will....

  • Take five or ten minutes to write a draft teaching philosophy for BASIC WRITING. BTW, you will NOT be required to share this document.
    • What core values/goals would you identify?
    • What theory informs your philsophy (use whatever terms you're comfortable with, including "plain English")
    • What personal values inform this philosophy?
  • As a group, we will discuss our philosophies
  • In pairs, review a few syllabi (ReSources)
  • Identify the grounding philosophy behind this syllabus/course/program
  • Specify key words/phrases/evidence of your claim.
  • You will present to the class.
  • Discuss reading responses if we have time.

Homework due Feb 22

  • reading response week 6b
  • MBW Foreword and Preface (vii-xvi)
  • MBW Fitzgerald “The Context Determines our Choice” (215-223)

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