Your explanation of teaching should be a document that you could use to apply for a teaching position. It should specify the beliefs that guide your practices:

What theories or beliefs do you hold about students, learning, and teaching, that lead you to make certain decisions in your classroom?

Of course, for most of you, this will be a hypothetical statement, but you need to be able to articulate your beliefs (whatever they are) and to speak professionally about your future classroom.

Topics you might address include:

  • How do students learn best?
  • What is the role of the teacher?
  • What kinds of assessment will you use & why?
  • What kinds of activities will you assign in and out of the classroom, and why?
  • What are your beliefs about discipline/classroom management?
  • How might you teach a diverse population?
  • How might you address different home languages and/or dialects?
  • How might you accommodate different learning styles, learning disabilities, and/or gifted & talented students?

Other things to consider

  • Also consider your educational and literacy experiences that you reflected upon in your literacy autobiography/literacy history; these reflections should tell you something about the ways that students/you learn, write, etc.
  • Think about Calkins, Z&D, and the articles we've read for this class. They may be able to provide you with ideas and/or rationale for your philosophy. If you quote someone, cite it.


  • The explanation of teaching must be individual.
  • The explanation of teaching may be 2-4 pages & should cite sources from our readings and other sources.
  • As a professional document, your essay should demonstrate appropriate rhetorical and linguistic choices.

EoT Rubric?