also known as an ePortfolio, integrates a pinnacle item of the writing classroom with the technological literacy that students are becoming expected to understand. The portfolio is a very widespread assignment used in writing classrooms to assess a students progress over a certain period of time. There are several ways to execute the portfolio assignment to fit different needs of the institution, teacher, and student. Klages and Clark describe the ease of transition and the increase of benefits in relation to the transfer to the ePortfolio:

In its most basic iteration, the ePortfolio is a digital version of the traditional paper portfolio, in which students collect written work during the term, select key pieces, and write reflections about those pieces. In contrast with paper portfolios, however, ePortfolios are available online to employers, admissions officers, and the international friends and families of students. While the ePortfolio adds portability and the possibility of using multimodal composing, it also builds on a considerable legacy of portfolio pedagogy and teaching with technology in the field of composition studies. More importantly, the ePortfolio is beginning to radically change our students' understandings of their relationship to the written word in an era of digital literacy and the power of authority hidden within that authorship. (33-34)

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