Discussion of Standards

This is a piece of writing that makes sense of/comes to an understanding of national, state, local "standards" or objectives for English Language Arts: the TEKS, SELA, CCISD, and/or any other "guiding" documents. Explain how these standards/principles will correlate with, connect to, and challenge YOUR experiences with literacy and those of your future students. Your essay should be at least 2-3 pages and should refer to both the TEKS and SELA in detail.


It's imporant for you to be aware of both the national and state standards for teachers of language arts.

  • SELA (Standards for English Language ARTS), the national standards, can be found here.
  • Preview the TEKS online Texas Education Agency TEKS page.
  • Focus on the TEKS (our state standards) that match your teaching area, and focus especially on the ways the TEKS describe writing and reading.
  • How do the SELA and TEKS align?
  • How do they differ?