Midterm Exam Questions/Concepts/Ideas

Major Concepts

  • How would you define a Basic Writer? What is problematic about these definitions/approaches?
    • O&M (Ch. 2), Shaughnessy (defining the field), Rose (individuals, himself as a BW), Haswell, Mainstreaming Basic Writers, Carter (assessment)
  • Out of the readings, what do you think the best way to assess Basic Writers is? Instruct Basic Writers? Grade Basic Writers?
    • Haswell (transformative approach, interpretive models), Kitzhaber, Rose (process/culture-based approaches), Habermas/Gadamer, O&M (history of the field/approaches), Lalicker (different approaches to teaching BW)
  • Use of assessment to define pedagogy.
    • Methods of assessment/placement - their connection to the "real world"
  • Error
    • Rose (errors as evidence of learning), Haswell (solecisms - mistakes and errors; error as evidence of moving toward a goal), Shaughnessy, Lu-Min (error as a sign of intelligent thinking, working toward a more complex goal from less complex tools)

Potential Essay Questions

  • Compare Mike Rose's approaches/definitions to Basic Writing to Haswell, O&M's approaches/definitions.
  • Historical overview of the field (1960s) to the present - What are the major changes to defining the Basic Writer and the field of Basic Writing?
    • Utilizing O&M (overview), Carter (history of assessment), Rose (a personalized account/narrative of the field), Shor (errors and economics; inequality)
    • Separation/creation of BW programs/classes toward the removal/closing/mainstreaming of these programs (circular - why?)
  • Why is the field of Basic Writing treated more as a frontier as opposed to a finite enterprise?
    • Why is an emphasis placed on the vagueness/openness of the field?