Topic Selection: Due Tuesday, September 20, 2011

We (Clare and Chelsea) are working together to create an entry on CompFaqs?. So far, we’ve seen quite a few “gaps” (or yellow/red flags) on CompFaqs?, which indicates that those areas are incomplete and need more contributions. We looked at Noelle Ballmer’s entry to see what we could possibly contribute and came up with a few different topics. (Link to Noelle’s CompFaqs? entry for quick reference: There isn’t really that much information on the different universities that are currently practicing mainstreaming BW students. There is a list of compiled by Peter Adams of different universities that practice mainstreaming (, but many of the links are broken and some of the descriptions are far from comprehensive. We talked about comparing the programs at TAMUCC to other mainstreaming programs and possibly gathering some data about the TSI students via writing center data (I sense that this will be highly difficult to ascertain, however). There is data available collated by type of school that may be pertinent to our questions (, which we may be able to break down in a quasi-experimental method for empirical data.

Some potential research questions: How are writing centers central to mainstreaming basic writers? How have writing center practices evolved to accommodate basic writers? Should TSI students (or developmental writers with lower standardized test scores) be required to go to the writing center in person for their writing consultations or should they be allowed to attend online writing consultations as well? Are there any other similar mainstreaming BWs? programs at other universities? What are the effects of shifting from a developmental class structure to a WC with mainstreaming structure (using the data available between the years of original query to the present day)?