Caleb's Research Topic/Question Paragraph

For my research project topic I want to examine the following question: As budget cuts abound in the education sector, how can educators/administrators employ technology as a beneficial money saver in basic writing classrooms (although this could apply to all classes/subjects). In answering this question, I hope to uncover:

How technology has already been employed in basic writing classes (whether for better or worse at this point)?

A gauging of the technological capabilities, and ability to access technology for the basic writing population.

A look at what new technology is being introduced to classrooms already and in the future, with emphasis on what technology does and doesnít offer.

An analysis of which technologies could be beneficial to the basic writing classroom (which I hope to find plenty of research on).

Although I have developed my primary question and subcategories, I still havenít prowled the library and databases for sources just yet. In the last few years my educational interests seem to be stuck on issues of technological access and application within the scholastic setting, so needless to say, I find myself gravitating back to this concept. With the drastic budget cuts in education, it seems logical that technology might offer some valid solution for instruction that keeps teachers in jobs while minimizing costs, and possibly even raising enrollments, as technology would make campuses farther reaching. I have a lot of hope for this research question; however, my only worry is that scholars have yet to begin diving into this topic. Despite this issue, I think this question warrants careful consideration, thought, and scholarship.