Basic Writing assessment that works:

The first criteria argued for by CCCC is that “language is always learned and used most effectively in environments where it accomplishes something the user wants to accomplish for particular listeners or readers within that environment,”: Have students choose their topics and various writing prompts to display, this would lend to the theory of self-placement into basic writing

The second criteria is that “language by definition is social,”: The portfolio would cover this in that they would get to pick out what they learned and when they explain the context in their overview then we will see the social context in which they wrote each piece.

The third criteria is reading and evaluation is as socially contextualized as all other forms of language use: PORTFOLIO

The fourth criteria is that “any individual's writing “ability” is a sum of a variety of skill employed in a diversity of contexts, and individual ability fluctuates unevenly among these varieties: PORTFOLIO

The fifth criteria is that “writing assessment is useful primarily as a means of improving learning,”: PORTFOLIO

The sixth criteria is that “assessment drives pedagogy,”: PORTFOLIO

The seventh criteria is that “standardized tests tend to be for accountability purposes, and when used to make statements about student learning, misrepresent disproportionately the skills and abilities of students of color,”: PORTFOLIO

The eighth criteria is that “the means used to test students' writing ability shapes what they, too, consider writing to be,”: PORTFOLIO

The ninth criteria is that financial resources available for designing and implementing assessment instruments should be used for that purpose and not to pay for assessment instruments outside the context within which they are used,”: PORTFOLIO

The tenth and final criteria is that “there is a large growing body of research on language learning use, and language assessment on a systematic and regular basis,”: PORTFOLIO

The answer to these is a PORTFOLIO! If you use a portfolio you should pick out the student learning outcomes and have the students put together a portfolio of their writing assignments from high school and show how they have learned these outcomes. Assess the individual student, don't try to lump them all together just to make it easier to grade the students or critique the teacher.